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Why Let Habitats Build Your Tiny Home?

"Live Your Big Life
in a Tiny Home"

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We Customize Your Floor Plan

Habitats Tiny Homes

Our mission is to create an exquisitely beautiful, alternative form of housing that gives you freedom. Freedom from a huge mortgage, freedom from unnecessary stuff,  freedom to move, and the freedom to live a harmonious and sustainable lifestyle.

Unlike most tiny home companies, Habitats does not build models. We custom design each tiny home as a solution to the way you live, work, and play.

  • Visit our BUILD page to see our most recent builds.
  • Visit OUR COMMUNITY page to learn more about our first tiny home community, check out the amenities, and reserve your space.

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Why We Use Specially Fabricated Trailers As Your Tiny Home Foundation

Habitats Tiny Homes uses Specially Fabricated Trailers (SFTs) as the foundation for your tiny home because of the many benefits they offer.

  • SFTs have steel cross beams that are strategically located to hold the weight of a tiny house
  • SFTs have double or triple axles that are rated to carry over 14,000 pounds
  • SFTs have dropped axles which gives you 9 inches more headroom in your tiny house
  • SFTs have levels and leveling jacks on all four corners of your trailer
  • SFTs have premium-grade wheels and tires for added support
  • SFTs have axle brakes to aid you in a hard braking situation
  • SFTs can be made any length
  • SFTs are powder coated to reduce chipping and rusting

Sign up here to get exclusive access to a FREE DOWNLOAD to one of our custom designed floor-plans. It’s a 28 foot with a double, master loft, custom built-ins and more.

Habitats is dedicated to building environmentally friendly dwellings that are long lasting and built with quality, passion, and dedication.

Why Habitats

  • We Use Trailers Custom Built For Your Floor-Plan

  • Our trailers are custom fabricated specifically for tiny homes with dropped axels to give 9 inches more headroom

  • We completely customized our tiny homes to clients budget and specs

  • We′re the first tiny home builder to plan and develop a tiny home community in San Diego

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