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A Greeting From Our Owner

Welcome to Habitats Tiny Homes. The concept for Habitats was born four years ago out of a passion for a lifestyle filled with less stuff and more experiences. That was when I first heard of tiny houses on wheels and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

San Diego is my hometown, and I care very deeply about keeping this uniquely beautiful city affordable. Home ownership here in San Diego is becoming increasingly difficult for many to achieve. Our world-class beaches, restaurants, entertainments, and sunny weather attract more and more new residents every year, causing rents and home prices to skyrocket and the competition for housing to grow more fierce. My goal with Habitats Tiny Homes is to offer an affordable, aesthetically-pleasing, green-housing alternative to those of us who are interested in the “less-is-more” lifestyle.

Call or email us and I will personally see to it that you get the best possible customer service.

  • San Diego, CA United States
  • (760) 917-8313