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Community FAQ

Where is the community located?

The community property is located about 20 minutes north-east of the City of San Diego. To reduce drive-by traffic, the address is given to residents only.

When will the community be open?

Tiny Homes will begin moving in April of 2017. Be advised that we are in the beginning stages of the approval process. Anyone who chooses to live in the community before we have full approval assumes some risk.

How do I reserve a space?

Fill out the reservation form on the “Our Community” page of our website, call, or email us.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes. There is a $1500.00 development fee required to reserve a space. Deposits are no longer refundable.

How much is the space rent?

Space rent is $850.00. Utilities are not included.

How big is each space and what does it have?

Each space is approximately 1100 square feet and ideally will have a covered car port, solar array, and small back yard.

What kind of utility hook-ups will the community have?

The community electricity will be generated from off-grid solar. Our water is from our own well and all tiny homes will have composting or dry flush toilets.

Build Tiny Homes FAQ

How long have you been in business?

Habitats Tiny Homes is a Mom & Sons start-up that was established in 2015. Over four years of tiny home research has gone into our company. Although we are new to the tiny home industry, our Master Carpenter has over 30 years experience in all phases of construction. We have an experienced finish carpenter, and two apprentice carpenters.

Do you have models?

No. Habitats does not build models since each tiny home is custom designed. However, you can check out builds in progress when you come for a design consultation. Please call for an appointment.

If I plan on living in the community, when should I order my tiny home?

We recommend you order your tiny home as soon as possible. All 30 spaces have been reserved and are building schedule books out a few months in advance.

How much does a tiny home cost?

The cost of a tiny home depends on many different variables including size, materials you choose, design, and builders overhead.

Do I need to have a composting toilet?

If you’re going to live in Habitats Tiny Homes Community, we recommend that you have a composting or dry flush toilet. Otherwise we can build your tiny home with any toilet you choose.

What about building permits?

Tiny Homes currently do not require building permits since they are on wheels and there are no recognized building codes. Some tiny home builders choose to build their tiny homes as certified RV’s which can also be problematic since it’s illegal to live in an RV full time in many places.

It’s important you know that San Diego does not yet recognize Tiny Homes on Wheels as legal, full-time dwellings and they have no category for tiny homes. Fortunately, the IRC (International Residential Code) recently published a building code addendum for tiny homes. Also, the Tiny home Association publishes building guidelines. These codes and guidelines are a step in the right direction for tiny home legalization. Until tiny homes on wheels are approved and considered legal, full-time dwellings you will be assuming the risk if you choose to have one built and live in it full-time.